What Intel IT’s Private Cloud Infrastructure Really Looks Like

As I engage with my IT and non-IT peers alike, I'm often asked, "So, what does a private cloud really look like?"

Well, here are 2 new 3D representations that illustrate the current and near-future core foundation of Intel IT's private cloud:

Current Cloud Architecture.JPG

Future Cloud Achitecture.JPG

5 Key Points to Consider:

1. Two-socket Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers are the foundation of our data center and private cloud because of their versatility and cost efficency.

2. We have begun shifting from rack-mount to blade servers within our private cloud to enable converged network fabric while reducing hardware TCO by about 27 percent.

3. To continue to improve overall system performance, we have invested in IA based storage and networking solutions including 10GbE, SSDs and Xeon® based storage solutions.

4. Our cloud foundation clusters comprise up to 16 physical hosts per pod with a blended 15:1 virtual to physical consolidation ratio.

5. Proactively refreshing with the latest Xeon® based servers will help us further drive up utilization to hit our goal of 80% through multi-tenancy while maintaining QoS.