What is IT Thinking?

2009 is almost behind us and 2010 is right around the corner. That means that most IT organizations are deep in planning discussions – budgets, projects, priorities, etc.  The opportunities are endless, the resources limited, … the choices hard.

2010 will bring many of the same challenges and opportunities that 2009 brought as many projects got deferred or shelved with the global economic downturn. So what is on the minds of today’s IT leaders as we look to next year.  A quick search revealed the two interesting lists.

Ziff Davis outlines the top 10 2010 CIO priorities.

  1. Business Productivity and Cost Reduction
  2. IT and Business Alignment
  3. Business Agility and Speed to Market
  4. Business Process Re-Engineering
  5. IT Cost Reduction
  6. IT Reliability and Efficiency
  7. IT Strategic Planning
  8. Revenue Generating IT Innovations
  9. Security and Privacy Concerns
  10. CIO Leadership Role

Garnter identifies their top 10 2010 Strategic Technologies.

  1. Cloud Computing
  2. Advanced Analytics
  3. Client Computing
  4. IT for Green
  5. Reshaping the Data Center
  6. Social Computing
  7. Security – Activity Monitoring
  8. Flash Memory
  9. Virtualization for Availability
  10. Mobile Applications

What do you think about these priorities? Are they guiding your organization?

Inside Intel’s IT organization, I’m finding lots of overlap on these lists with all 10 of the CIO priorities playing a direction setting role and 9 of the 10 strategic technologies playing a key role in the determination of our investment priorities and strategies as our IT plans for 2010 unfold.

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