What is the Californian to Russian Translation of “Awesome”?

Not even a week into our launch, and boy we are seeing many things we did not expect. One thing we did not expect is all the love from Russia. We have many Russian IT Pros out there who have passionately joined Open Port. Well, that is simply AWESOME as we say here in the land of California. I am very happy to see the international participation, and a key demographic audience, finding this site a place to have discussions on IT topics.

However I do need to explain this site has launched as a US/English language pilot. English is the core language for the time being, as we do not have the tools and moderation in place to support an effective multi-language experience. Language selectors and filtering are items we have planned for a future launch, but they will not be available for some time.

So for our international users, please continue to use the site. We welcome your voice and perspective, but understand this site is not well developed to support multiple languages.

My preference is to keep all posts and threads, especially the titles in English. But I am open to ideas.

So let me know how we can best support specific demographics on this site and make this an effective experience for all.