What to Expect from TechED 2014

Microsoft’s North America TechEd conference is just around the corner. Running from May 12th until the 15th, the event is sure to be one of the premiere conferences for IT professionals from around the world. This event is a chance to meet with one another and learn about new solutions from well-known companies like Cisco, Dell, and others. TechEd 2014 is currently sold out, but if you’re not already set to attend you can keep up to date with all the news by using the hashtag #msTechEd and following @IntelEvents on Twitter. Plus, Microsoft will be live streaming TechEd North America for those who want to watch in real-time.

Because TechEd is a conference for a variety of IT professionals, there are several technical tracks to choose from in order to maximize value. Attendees can focus on Data Platform and Business Intelligence, Datacenter and Infrastructure Management, Developer Platforms and Tools, Office Servers and Services, People-Centric IT, or Windows, Phone and Devices. Each track has specific breakout sessions that dive deeper into issues and topics most appropriate for the related field. If you’re looking for recommendations on sessions, sites like SQL Server Pro and SharePoint Pro have lists to help make selection easier.

Having partnered with Microsoft, HP, Dell, and other major companies on a host of products and IT solutions, Intel sees TechED as the perfect place to discuss today’s most important technical topics with peers on the ground. It is also a  great way to bring those discussions online to the wider IT audience.

Conferences aren’t all about sessions and panels; connecting with fellow workers can be a great way to establish a peer network with a wealth of talent and information. People like Microsoft’s Rick Claus and Joey Snow are perfect examples of people who put personality into IT. Find people familiar with your area of expertise and see how much growth can come from collaboration!

For those that are attending, the massive scale of the conference may seem a bit daunting. Be sure to prepare for warm and wet weather in Houston over the next fews days, and don’t get lost inside the George R. Brown Convention Center -- download a map of the convention center to plan your route in advance.

We’ll be looking forward to the conference keynote by Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President Brad Anderson, along with many other panels. What are you looking forward to the most at this year’s TechED? Leave a comment below or join the social discussion on Twitter using #msTechEd. If you are attending the MS TechEd, have a safe and wonderful trip! If not, remember you can live stream the entire event. We look forward to hearing all the exciting news and discussions that arise from this great conference.