When Your Sales Force Meets Sales Cloud – Picking the Perfect Device

Few groups are as critical to creating company value as its sales force. The effectiveness of an organization’s sales force is almost entirely contingent upon the technology used in the field. Without proper hardware - and software - the mobile workforce is left without proper support and therefore unable to fully contribute to the business. The critical functionality is a combination of hardware and software that can be completely ineffective if not paired correctly. Choose the right mobile device but the wrong platform and you’ll be left with a lack of functionality and likely some very frustrated employees.

So what offering is the best combination of functionality, usability, and productivity to keep reps on the go? When it comes to equipping your sales force with the essential tools, never forget there are two sides to the coin. The device and the platform are of equal importance and should always go hand in hand. What follows are highlights from a third-party case study testing Salesforce.com® Sales Cloud® on three mobile devices. Notice the variety and results and remember how those variables could affect your mobile workforce when in the field. Seconds lost on simple processes add up overtime to both minutes and dollars. Don’t waste either.

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Can your sales force be equally effective with Salesforce.com® Sales Cloud® on any mobile device? To find out, a third party put Sales Cloud to the test on three mobile devices.

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They tested several scenarios typically performed by sales reps, including meeting with prospects and converting them to qualified opportunities, setting up a presentation for stakeholders, and closing the deal by generating a quote for the customer. Only the Dell™ Venue™ 11 Pro tablet running the full-browser version of Sales Cloud allowed full functionality. Both other devices lacked several features critical to sales reps, including the ability to convert leads to opportunities, generate quotes, and view reports.

If you’re a sales rep or sales manager, you know how important it is to have customer records and sales data at your fingertips. Sales Cloud reliably delivers this vital information to Windows devices through the browser, and to Android™ and iOS® mobile devices through a dedicated Salesforce1 mobile app. Based on this test, the ideal requirements for an optimal user experience when accessing Sales Cloud on the go were identified as being: mobility, usability, and functionality. Of the devices tested, only the Dell tablet powered by an Intel processor and running Windows 8.1 hit the sweet spot encompassing mobility, usability, and functionality.

Sales Cloud users on the go need access to the tools that help them close deals. If their platforms require multiple workarounds, or require them to switch devices throughout the day, productivity and profitability can be severely hampered. The testing showed that of the devices tested, the Dell tablet powered by an Intel processor and Windows 8.1 offered the best combination of faceted user experience. The Dell tablet running the full-browser version of Sales Cloud allowed access to all features and functionality. Salesforce compatibility with Windows applications on this device enabled smooth integration with Outlook and Office—both critical tools for many organizations. And because the full-browser view puts more fields at your fingertips, performance of common tasks was much higher on the Dell Venue 11 Pro.

If you want the best combination of usability and productivity for your sales reps on the go, mobile devices powered by Intel® Core™ processors and Windows 8, such as the Dell Venue 11 Pro, offer clear advantages over other tablets.

To read the full study, head to Comparing Salesforce.com® Sales Cloud® on Mobile Devices to learn more. Also check out the blog: You're Only as Mobile as Your Device: How PepsiCo Found Mobility, to learn more about how PepsiCo is utilizing mobile devices to transform how they sell.

Are you currently re-evaluating the needs of your sales force? What pairings of hardware/software seem ideal for your organization?

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