Which Device Combination Allows the Lowest Total Cost of Support in a BYOD Environment?

As IT organizations vacillate on the kinds of devices to deploy, there are many different perspectives on which solution delivers the most value to employees, while also being the most cost-effective for the enterprise. Tablets have become highly popular in corporate environments but they can be costly for IT to manage.

Last week, we featured Principled Technologies research comparing the total cost of ownership for company-issued devices, and discovered that issuing a 2-in-1 device was more cost-effective than issuing employees a tablet and a laptop.

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In an organization looking to both provide both laptops and tablets for their employees, many of the same savings for the 2 in 1 vPro Ultrabook apply if the organization purchases only the laptops for workers and lets workers buy their own tablets and use them for personal and work tasks. While the organization saves hardware and hardware support costs in these BYOD situations, it still incurs the other costs for the tablet.

The organization must manage and secure any devices—not only those it purchases—that can access email or networked files. This means that it must pay IT costs for two devices: the laptop and the BYOD tablet. Additionally, the organization may have to provide software and help desk support for the BYOD tablets so that workers can be productive with them. Deployment costs for BYOD tablets include IT deploying software and security solutions to the device.

An organization eliminates these tablet costs if it purchases a 2 in 1 vPro Ultrabook rather than a laptop, and if workers use the Ultrabook in tablet mode instead of their personal tablet for work.

The chart above illustrates the cost savings an organization would realize in software, deployment, management and security, and IT support in the BYOD model. For Principled Technologies' full TCO comparison, click here.

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