Whitepaper – Measuring the Return on IT Security Investments

Intel IT developed a model for measuring Return on Security Investment (ROSI) in our manufacturing environments that produces a much higher level of accuracy than other methods currently available. Our model has enabled us to make business-driven decisions about security programs, resulting in savings in excess of USD 18 million per year in avoided losses.

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Quantifying value for security programs is difficult at best. Intel successfully developed and employed a method to measure the value of security programs across our worldwide factories. Although not the silver bullet to measure all security programs, it does show in some circumstances, value can be quantified to the level needed to make sound business decisions.

This is one of many different methods which Intel leverages to determine value of security programs. The difference is being able to tie in hard numbers for prevented losses and the ability to predict future impacts with reasonable accuracy. Other available methods rely on more qualitative descriptions of value and lack a dollar and sense measure. Although no single methodology fits all situations, Intel has found a niche for this insightful metric which is an empowering view of security value.

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Matthew Rosenquist

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Matthew Rosenquist is a Cybersecurity Strategist for Intel Corp and benefits from 20+ years in the field of security. He specializes in strategy, measuring value, and developing cost effective capabilities and organizations which deliver optimal levels of security. Matthew helped with the formation of the Intel Security Group, an industry leading organization bringing together security across hardware, firmware, software and services. An outspoken advocate of cybersecurity, he strives to advance the industry and his guidance can be heard at conferences, and found in whitepapers, articles, and blogs.