Why healthcare should be a team sport

Managing the Changing IT Landscape: Technology in Healthcare

The role of technology in healthcare today is undeniable. What’s really interesting, though, is that we still have a long, long way to go.

I wanted to share this powerful TED Talk featuring Intel Fellow and GM Eric Dishman. In his talk, Health Care Should Be a Team Sport, Dishman shares his story and his views on how our healthcare system must evolve.

In college, Dishman was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease and given only a few years to live. For 25 years, though, he was wrongly diagnosed. It took a genomic test and a coworker he had never met to save his life by donating her kidney. And he quickly learned to be a proactive participant in his own care.

In Dishman’s view, the future of personal care must be at home, which should be our default model. He proposes that today’s technologies—such as high-performance computing, big data, and mobile—make this possible, based on three pillars:

  • Care Anywhere – We invented hospitals and clinics in the 1780’s … it’s time for a change. The notion of traveling to brick-and-mortar healthcare facilities is dated. It’s also an expensive, risky model that is not sustainable.
  • Care Networking – We must move beyond isolated specialists treating “parts” to multi-disciplinary teams treating the person. “Uncoordinated care today is expensive at best, and is deadly at worst,” he says (and knows, from his own experience).
  • Care Customization – High-performance computing, analytics, and big data will help us build predictive models for each of us, as individual patients.

I’ll dig a little deeper in an upcoming blog to explore some of the mobile and social technologies that can enable this change. In the meantime, listen in to Eric’s story and proposal for healthcare transformation.

And check out what Intel is doing to enable better healthcare at the Intel in Healthcare page.

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