Why Mobile Health is Far More than mHealth on a Phone

Mobile World Congress starts this week. Below is a guest post from Intel's Mel Remington, who will be at the show representing the Intel Health & Life Sciences Group.

Mobile World Congress ’14 is set to have even more visitors than last year from business, government and consumer arenas. A major theme, which has been evolving over the past few years, is mHealth. We’ll again see examples across the show floor with a variety of usage models centred on the smartphone opening up new service channels for consumer health.

But there is a bigger picture and reality where the compute model matters: to enable healthcare systems to improve care coordination and collaboration across the actors within the healthcare system and patient inclusion and empowerment. This is where industry analysts such as IDC define a higher level category--Centre stage – Mobile Health –which opens up so many possibilities to transform healthcare delivery.

  • If you are thinking ahead you may be asking some or all of these questions.
  • Is mobile health a reality at a scale level? 
  • What are the true benefits to the healthcare system?
  • Are there viable business models for solution & service providers?
  • Where can we see examples at the show?

To the first question, yes, mobile health is a reality at scale. Keep in mind, mobile health also includes security and manageability and crucial components to secure patient data, so too is the design of the software solution and selecting the right device for the right task.

To the second question, mobile health offers many benefits to healthcare systems such as helping to improve capacity of healthcare workers that help in turn increase access to care or result in helping to improve the quality of healthcare services. The net results can improve efficiencies, drive up quality, whilst meeting the increasing demands on healthcare systems at the same or lower costs. 

And to the third question, for solution and service providers, there are many possibilities from rich media content delivery, provisioning for mobile solution apps, devices with security and manageability, data centre, cloud, big data and analytics services.

Finally, to hear about examples at the show, come and check out the Intel stand in Hall 3 at Mobile World on Wednesday 26th at 4:00 p.m. and Thursday 27th Feb. at 12:30 p.m., where Intel will be hosting a Mobile Health presentation showing examples around from Spain and Brazil with Telefonica and a major Healthcare Provider, so we can address these questions and others in more detail.