Wiki, wiki, wah, wah

In my earlier blog, "Enterprise 2.0 to the rescue of project managers", we discussed how Enterprise 2.0/ Social Computing can be leveraged for project management. Here I would like to discuss with you more on a specific tool - wiki, not specifically for project management needs only.

In Intel IT, we do use wiki for many activities. They act as a content mashup tool - a centralized location for all the related information, while the information may be stored somewhere else. We use it for strategy creation, project management, agenda sharing, storing the minutes. If you get a chance, please visit the Website, which shows how wikis can be used for different needs. This is a good source on how we can leverage wiki and structure our information accordingly.

Although not consciously using wiki patterns, I could see some of the patterns that we are using are:

Overview Pages

One Wiki space per Group



and many more..

In your organization, do you use wiki? If yes, do you consciously select a wiki pattern for modeling your business process? Do you use wiki for project management? We would like to hear from you if and how wiki made a difference to your workflow.

When I got introduced to wiki, it has been no looking back.. I have been saying, wiki, wiki, wah, wah ever since. ( Similar to what Shakira sang for the World cup - Waka, waka, yeah, yeah).