With so many devices, how do you choose?

Managing the Changing IT Landscape: Ultrabook™ Devices for Business

So it’s come full circle. I recently posted a blog about finding the right tool for the job, and now I’m trying to find the Ultrabook™ device that will work best for me. I’m in the fortunate position of having access to some through my job—but the best approach I’ve found so far is talking to others who are using them. I’ve also been getting input from Intel IT, and they’ve been evaluating Ultrabook devices in the enterprise

These devices are getting a lot of press these days, and it’s no surprise. They deliver on a lightweight yet durable design that houses all the power you need for any task. PCMag.com recently rated the 10 best Ultrabook devices with a great overview of what’s out there and links to full reviews.

It’s all about how you work …

Truth be told, I tried a detachable tablet as my primary computing device and wasn’t satisfied. It was too small, and typing on the keyboard aggravated my tendonitis. Today, I’m using a Dell* tablet that I purchased as a complement to my corporate-issued laptop.

There are lots of options out there, but it’s really about figuring out what’s best for how you work. I like that the touch capabilities of the Windows* 8 operating system give me quick access to my social and family life, right alongside the business stuff. When I’m traveling, I can easily maneuver the tablet and still get to everything I need—from documents and e-mail to calendar management and entertainment. I’m also looking forward to trying some of the upcoming two-in-one Ultrabook convertibles to reduce the number of devices in my increasingly heavy travel bag.

Are you using an Ultrabook device, or do you plan to? Which models are you considering?

Not sure what an Ultrabook is? ... check out www.intel.com/ultrabookforbusiness

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