Work with Compatible Technology – Planning Before You Secure

Your employees now have the flexibility to work anytime, from any location. New technologies in the enterprise can make workers more productive, but these new devices may also open the organization to new risk.

Reducing the Need for Additional Mobile Device Management Solutions

While many IT organizations equate mobile devices with the need for mobile device management (MDM) solutions—and some businesses already have these solutions in place—there’s an alternative. Intel- based devices running Windows 8 Enterprise software deliver an end-to-end device management solution through management consoles such as the Microsoft* System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). Because the technology works directly with existing management and security solutions, there’s no need to purchase additional software. And it works with the full spectrum of devices, including tablets, notebooks, and desktops.

Simplifying Enterprise Application Integration

Another aspect of compatibility is the deployment of enterprise applications. Writing different versions for multiple devices, platforms, and operating systems can be expensive and hard to manage, especially when you factor in updates. However, some environments require writing to specific operating systems to take maximum advantage of features.

There are three typical types of application solutions—native, hybrid, and HTML5—and all three have their purpose, depending on your business needs. HTML5, the most flexible of the three, is an advanced open standard that enables you to write once and have it run across multiple devices, platforms, and operating systems within your enterprise. Then you can deploy that experience across your business faster, with the ability to reach more users in less time and at a lower cost.

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