Workforce of the Future

I recently had the pleasure of participating in a partnership with Dell to take a look at the Evolving Workforce and find out if and how our rapid development in technology will help empower the workforce.  Knowing that we want a thriving workforce, one that is creative, efficient and enabled, we see a business opportunity to provide the technologies that will empower workers to ultimately have a positive impact on the bottom line.

These reports were developed to better understand the changing make-up of the workforce and how employee demands will continue to impress upon employers and IT professionals in years to come, Dell and Intel partnered to explore the key trends driving this phenomenon. The result is a series of three reports, based on expert opinions and survey of 8,360 workers across 11 countries, undertaken by TNS Global.

Report 1 – Expert Insights

Report 2 – Workforce Perspectives

Report 3 – Experts’ commentary on survey results

To see these reports, go to the Evolving Workforce page:

Overall, I think these ideas need to be understood if we in Corporate IT are going to keep pace with the people we are hiring.  Consumerization is more then just a bring your own device program, and these provide a perspective on why this is true and what the needs are moving forward.  Enjoy the reading!