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The Next Chapter of Education

Every day when I power up my laptop, I am instantly granted access to a vast network of knowledge and a whole new level of productivity that is made possible by technology. I have the power to weave stories from a single thought and share them with the world, find the meaning of a word instantly using online resources, and collaborate with other students across the world in virtual courses. The world is at my fingertips, and learning can happen anywhere at any time.

Similarly, education strives to empower the curious, the learners, the ambitious. Technology and education go hand-in-hand, growing to complement each other. In this period of fast-paced learning, investing in students means providing them with an unparalleled, tailored learning experience that prepares them to make ripples in their future careers. Coupled with technology, education is progressing by leaps and bounds towards an individualized 1:1 learning experience, optimizing classroom time for real-world applications.

Intel-ligent Learning

The Kent School District is one example of a school district that is moving towards making the educational experience about the students and for the students. The school district provides every student in grades 7-12 with a professional laptop of their own to learn from at school and at home. This is the vessel for students to write their late-night essays, compose emails to the college recruiters of their dream schools, edit their videography or photography projects, and build the computer skills that are essential for the future workforce. And, they can do all of this knowing that their device is secure, fast, and reliable.

What makes their experience unique? In a pilot program with two schools, Kent found that compared to the hard disk drives (HDDs) that students used previously, the Intel® SSD Pro Family SSDs enabled 1.69x faster boot time and 9.6x faster application launch time.1 This means the school administration have the potential to save both time and money on their laptop investments, reclaiming over three school days’ worth of valuable learning time each school year and bringing the number of laptop maintenance requests down to an all-time low.1 “Where our HDDs had a high annual failure rate1 of 11.4%, significantly limiting student use, we expect our piloted Intel SSDs to produce an annual failure rate1 as low as 0.3%, providing students with nearly uninterrupted learning time,” commented Thuan Nguyen, Assistant Superintendent and Chief Digital Strategy Officer of the Kent School District.

What Does This Mean For Students?

Students in class with laptops receive better education

Well, first of all, students can maximize their time learning without having to wait for their laptop to begin operating. With HDDs, the laptops spent almost 2 minutes to boot up and launch the applications needed. Repeat this process six times a day, plus innumerable times outside of classroom learning, and all that unused time limits the opportunities that students can pursue. Not only that, but the laptops’ performance-restricted HDDs did not meet expectations for durability and reliability. When a school district like Kent invests in professional laptops, it makes sense for them to handpick a reliable drive that serves as an advantage, rather than a hindrance. Since delivering learning is so critical and time-sensitive, maximizing uninterrupted time and focusing on a continuous learning experience can make the difference students need to move along the same pace as their peers.

In a community where many families do not have the financial means to provide a computer to support their child’s educational experience, the Kent School District is committed to providing the very support these students need to get ahead. With the mid-range professional laptops offering test-proven performance and reliability and a wide array of applications that students need to excel in school, the school district is helping students make the most of their secondary school education. While the families in the school district explore options to build better lives for themselves, their children are able to do the same with their education and the planning of their future careers. The world is at their fingertips for them to explore and satisfy their hunger for knowledge. For these students, education is improving and becoming more available: through technology, doors can be opened, questions can be answered, and futures can be secured.

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