Yoga for Your Server – Lesson 1: Flexible Use Models for Virtualization

The use models and benefits of Server Virtualization are as diverse as the number of poses in the art of Yoga.  Virtualization is boosting server utilization while creating more flexible use models that feature live application migration from server to server. 

Over the past year, I found myself constantly talking with IT professionals about how they are using virtualization and how it was transforming their business.  And despite a more challenging economic environment for business and IT on the horizon, several industry analysts continue to predict investment growth in server virtualization during 2009.  It is easy to understand why. 

The many customers I have talked with and the many of the case studies I’ve read articulate that virtualization is lowering TCO through CapEx avoidance (data center construction, staff hiring) and OpEx reductions (power/cooling, management and maintenance savings).  In addition, virtualization is improving time to service, simplifying management of server infrastructure, boosting server utilization, and accelerating ROI of new hardware investment.  Beyond these “foundational” usages, I also found a set of new flexible use models that IT was considering that are based on moving applications dynamically from server to server … real time. 

For Lesson 1 of a 3 part series on virtualization, I interviewed Sudip Chahal from Intel IT where he explained to me the variety of terms, buzz words and use models of virtualization that are delivering the benefits above.  

I invite you to view this short video (~5 min) and comment about how you are using or intending to use virtualization in your business.