You have just been made CIO of a new company, what would you different than today’s IT shops and why?

Trying to start off the new year with a question more than a statement as you can see from the subject.  I ask this because of some of the work I am currently doing.  Through the past several months we have been looking a several "influencing" factors and their possible effect on tomorrow's corporate environment.  Things such as consumerization, MID's, netbooks, bring your own computer and even the Generation Y workforce growing in size.  I think one area of "influence" we haven't looked at is legacy IT.  It is just as much an influence as new technologies and trends.  Many shops spend lots of money to put solutions, good or bad, in place.  Invest in infrastructure that made sense 3-5 years ago.  Set roadmaps that made sense when first proposed and established processes for how IT used to work or should have worked.  But the real question today is what would you do different?  Should we take a more agressive approach at End of Lifing pre-existing technologies and solutions that seem to cost more to support today or in some case are here to solve a problem that doesn't exist or has moved on somewhere else. What about out sourcing, how many jobs today no longer make sense from a corporate stand point?  Providing a service is one thing, but if you are providing the same service as the vendor at a higher cost, that really doesn't make sense.  I guess what I am really looking for is what is the value add?  What would you different and what is the value add you feel it would bring to your IT?

Just some food for thought to start the new year, I don't think there is a right or wrong answer, simply some space for some sipirted discussions

Please share your thoughts!