You’re Only as Mobile as Your Device: How PepsiCo Found Mobility

Sales reps – the epitome of the “mobile employee” - have a tough job. Though working remotely, sales teams are required to perform tasks evocative of those performed in the office sans the office support system. A sales rep often works far from home and in varying degrees of isolation and must be equipped with convenient accessible technology that will enable its user to be as efficient and effective as possible. Secure, reliable applications and high-speed devices are not mere conveniences; they are the essentials for happy mobile employees and happier customers.

To know the full value of solutions available – and to truly understand what specific technology can do for your business – it’s ideal to examine success stories. For PepsiCo’s French sales team, an antiquated system of data storage was causing slower deployment of sales reps into the field as well as risk of quoting inaccurate figures to potential clients, putting the organization at risk for unhappy employees and unhappier customers. Read on for the solutions that enabled PepsiCo field reps to work better and faster, and consider the ripple effect of upgrading legacy systems within the business.

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PepsiCo is one of the world’s leading food and beverage companies and an iconic household name. Its French sales team spends countless hours on the road to get its beloved products into customers’ hands. A typical day can include performing store checks at large supermarkets and making sales calls at independent restaurants and bars.

In the past, representatives would need to check in at the office to print out the latest price and product information. These details change frequently to reflect special offers and tariffs, and traveling reps were constantly at risk of selling based on old data and inaccurate prices.

To give its sales team an easy way to access the latest information, wherever they are, PepsiCo implemented Noledge’s SaaS-based commercial and marketing software. Noledge’s modern, touch-friendly application literally puts all of the information sales reps need at their fingertips. Because the data is stored in a single, centralized location, it is easy to update, always accurate, and always complete.

But even the best software can’t compensate for a heavy, bulky mobile device and PepsiCo recognized they were working with outdated technology. So they turned to 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ processor-based Lenovo Helix 2 in 1 devices. Representatives can use the devices in tablet mode for conducting store checks and customer presentations, and in laptop mode for keyboard work, such as writing slides. They can work more efficiently and stay in the field longer.

The new devices have had a dramatic effect not only on the way reps work, but on the image they project to customers, especially independent bar and restaurant owners. Rather than hunching around a laptop screen, reps can lay the tablet on the table between them. Says Out-of-Home Sales Director Guillaume Darsy “The images look really great on screen. It really helps customers see the possibilities. Bottom line: the new devices reflect PepsiCo’s modern image and help our reps sell better and faster. That’s a win-win.”

The combination of Noledge software and Intel Core i5 vPro processor-based 2 in 1 touchscreen devices paved the way for happier PepsiCo sales reps and customers in a manner that embodied a modern, exciting brand.

Click here to access the full PepsiCo case study: Refreshing PepsiCo’s French Sales Force with Intel based 2 in 1 Devices.

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